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Boat Detailers in Austin, TX

When you’re driving around Austin, TX, you may notice some special cars with artistic designs, logos, and names painted on them; maybe some have wisps of fire and others have decals that enhance the look of the automobile. As a boat detailing expert, Ultimate ATX LLC can offer that same aesthetic thrill for boats.

Make a Statement

Part of the adventure of owning a boat is the feeling of freedom and fun you get out there on the open waters. And now you can enhance that feeling with boat detailing. Boat detailing from Ultimate ATX LLC is a fantastic way to customize your rig. We can paint designs and messages, logos and banners on the sides and hull of your boat. Boat detailing starts with your vision for what kind of identity you want to extend to your beloved vessel.

Boats $10-$18 / ft

Boats vary in price depending on amount of oxidattion. Some may require a compound application or just a wax and buff. All boat quotes include complete wash down with mold and mildew removal on seats & cushions, clean out lockers, accessories and windows.

Boat shrink-wrapping and fiberglass repair also available. Call for details.

Get the Process Started

The first step in boat detailing is hiring Ultimate ATX LLC. Contact us today to tell us what kind of feel you’re going for, and we’ll take it from there.